Life Coaching

Simply taking the time to find this page means that, on some level, you’ve decided to take your happiness and well-being more seriously.

 Life coaching consists of many different things: much like your life itself, it can be what you wish to make of it.

What is Life Coaching?

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There are many misconceptions about life coaching. Some people think it’s a strategy for “perfecting” or “transforming” your life. Some think life coaching is a way to learn to make the “right” decisions.

These people aren’t exactly wrong, but they’re a little misguided.

Perfection means different things to different people, and life coaching isn’t about training you to fit into any one mold. And life is always in a state of transformation. Your life coach doesn’t know which decisions are right for you—but you do, and they can help you discover your own true inner compass.

Body4LifeCoach can’t transform your life, or transform you: You will do that yourself. Instead, life coaching is about supporting you through the positive transformations you want to make in your own life