First Aid Training

Having a basic understanding of emergency first aid can literally save lives. In many cases, even basic treatment, properly applied, can change the outcome of an accident.

First Aid Training

Our  First Aid courses will teach attendees how to respond appropriately to medical emergencies, including the correct methods of care for a variety of conditions and injuries.

To participate in a First Aid instruction course please contact me

If your risk assessment indicates that first aid training is needed, this one-day course will help you meet your requirements.

The courses are suitable for people who want to receive training in emergency first aid and especially for nominated first aiders in smaller, low risk working environments

The content of this course provides basic life saving first aid , covering the following:

The role of the first aider



Managing an emergency


Health and safety (first aid) regulations

Communication and casualty care


Resuscitation (adult CPR)

Bleeding (minor and severe)


Seizures (adult)




Choking (adult)


Unconscious casualty

Course duration one day.

 Courses range from two hours to seven hours depending on the number of first aid topics covered.

You don’t need to have any previous first aid knowledge or experience as our courses include lots of practical exercises to give you confidence in dealing with a real life emergency.

I will teach you easy to learn first aid skills, in a friendly manner and explain how and why they work.


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