About John Hanson – Body4Life Coach

Being a life coach is not simply a job. It’s an embodiment of my commitment to the transformative power of support, motivation, health, and goal attainment.

John HansonI am dedicated to helping my clients achieve satisfaction and fulfillment in their own lives, and my own pursuit of happiness is fulfilled by helping others.

Through my lifelong professional and recreational pursuits, I have gained a deep understanding of what positive, constructive, ongoing support can provide. 

British Weight LiftingMy career in the Fire Service has presented me with challenges and taught me the value of having a team to support and to depend upon. 

As a fitness instructor in the Fire Service for almost two decades, I have learned that emotional health and physical health are closely linked, and that one enhances the other during even the most trying times. 

My desire to share knowledge and positive attitude has led me to enjoy working as a nutritionist, a strength coach, and a mentor with the probation service as well. 

I have also conducted First Aid training for Age U.K. and Bradford University.

My own life experiences and the skills he has learned along the way have played a crucial role in my choice to become a Life Coach.

For me, there are few things in life as rewarding as celebrating someone’s triumph as they rise to meet the challenges they’ve set for themselves.