10 mistakes woman (and men) make with dieting!


1) A diet programme advertised on television.

"Loose 7 pounds in a week!"

You can also eat pizza and cake. Just sign up for our pre packaged meals, powdered drinks or point allocation of food and watch the pounds come off. No thinking required and yes, almost 100% failure rate!

Why the big failure rate? The huge low calorie approach in these diets take, result in making you rebound the weight once the diet is over. Having such low calories is a sure way to losing muscle mass, slowing down metabolism, then experiencing a caloric compensation once your appetite catches up. (Going into starvation mode, the body compensates, it slows down)

These diets are aimed at woman who don't normally do any training, so they lose muscle mass, then gain the weight back with a few pounds extra of fat thrown in for good measure.

These diets are normally nutritionally antiquated, still warning against the "evil" saturated fats. (But that's for another time). While promoting processed sugary foods that they just happen to sell!

So what's the solution: Prepare and Cook your own food, educate yourself and Stop being dependent on diet plans that even C-list celebrities can't stick to.

Mistake number 2

Ignoring the Obvious.

Looking for some obscure component, that is missing in their diet, rather than homing in on the glaring cause of the problem. Must find Dr so and so's secret fat loss formula, not putting a stop to the obvious bad food choices. It can't be all that chocolate, ice cream and crisps! Must be a deficiency of Amazonian boo-boo berry juice. (Or whatever the fashion is in this months magazine)


It is easier to rationalise what they are eating because they would rather believe there is some way around it to help reach goals. Constant grazing on sweets and biscuits between meals, dessert coffee drinks and too many so called 'healthy' snacks are all examples of the blunders made while looking for the secret to instant weight loss. Most woman do have an idea of what their bad choices are, but without someone shouting, "Stop eating that!" They will continue with the junk food in their diet and maybe scale back on portion size of good food choices. Petite portions of crap food do not make a petite body!

Solution: be honest about your eating. A food journal could help, what are you eating? When are you eating it? How does it make you feel? Are you snacking unconsciously? Eating children's left overs? How many calories are actually in that chocolate coffee drink? A food journal will teach you that eating larger portions of healthy food always works better than portion controlled junk food in the long run. No boo-boo berry juice required.

Mistake 3

Obsessing weight loss.

Women always seem to be on a diet. Usually the same people are a little overweight. If you have been on 6 diets in 2 years, shouldn't you be lean by now? Hmm...here lies the problem!!


Most women who make weight loss their priority don't realise that they would become more efficient at burning fat (Not necessarily weight) if they had a little more lean muscle. Eating to only weigh less will make women smaller, which in turn will require them to eat less in order to stay smaller. Muscle is then lost, metabolism slows down and calories have to be lowered again and again. This downward spiral eventually goes out of control, guess what, you start to put on weight again, only this time it's fat, as the body is very good at storing fat, for the lean times it thinks are coming! Now these women proclaim that dieting doesn't work. At least they are correct with this. Unless you are dangerously overweight, most women would be better trading the smallness and weight loss game for some muscle growth and permanent leanness. Continually chasing weight loss in unproductive ways will eat away at your muscle more than most women know. If you made hypertrophy a priority, fat loss would eventually happen, slowly at first, then steadily, healthily and permanently.

Most weight loss programs work at first, then the body adapts, plateaus and eventually regresses as muscle is cannibalised. This is very bad news, because a loss of muscle leads to a skinny-fat body and a lower metabolism.


Simple, start to gain more lean muscle, don't worry you wont begin to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger, that takes years and years of hard work. How? By lifting weights that begin to challenge you. You will also be working aerobically,(Don't get me started on the fat loss zone) that's for lazy personal trainers and even lazier trainees.

You already know don't you that if it was easy, everyone would be doing it. If you want something bad enough you have to make sacrifices!

Mistake 4

Eating fake Health Food!

Sometimes when the health conscious woman find out that they need more protein or fibre, many go to the shop and load up on fortified pre-packaged food. Usually these so called health foods are appetite-inducing sugar bombs! And the sugar can be listed under a ton of different names, which all do the same thing to the body. They make you fat! Even sugar free, fat free and gluten free can still do the same thing. Make you fat!


Because they appear healthy, they are easier to rationalise eating in excess. I have worked with people who find it very difficult to only have one bowl of 'fortified healthy cereal' or just one 'healthy fibre bar' . Why? Because sugar is addictive! You crave more to satisfy your appetite. They don't serve a purpose, they are 'empty' calories, all the time you think you are being healthy. Good marketing strategy, you crave, you think it's healthy, you want more, you buy more. They are good for only one thing! Making a profit!


Women looking for protein at a food store, need to stick to good quality meat products and eggs, get their fibre from mother nature. Don't get your food from a place that also sells motor fuel!

Have a good day!

Mistake 5

Having emotional Hang ups and Judgement.

Yes woman are different to men, this is not a sexist comment, it's just a fact. Sometimes woman think differently about food than men.

If a male overindulges he may just say "whoops" and then move on. When a female does the same, sometimes her identity and self-worth goes up in smoke and deeply regrets what she has done! Then she may have to compensate for those mishaps with a dietary restriction or excess cardio style exercise, inevitably leading to overindulgence again! And the circle continues. So then we find our selves in a constant ebb and flow of overheating and hyper restriction. Just move on if you make a mistake and you will find stability. No gets fat from eating one cake or one night drinking too much, just accept and move on!

Woman attach too much meaning to food sometimes, think of it as fuel. When eating too much they generally don't feel too good about themselves. Food can easily be used for taking the edge off stress, anxiety, frustration or sadness.


Try not to attach emotions, self worth to eating habits and deal with them in other productive ways. A long walk will clear the head better than a packet of biscuits. Hell a night in the sack must relieve stress better than a tub of ice cream?
Overindulge if you must, now and again just don't try to lose too much weight too quickly afterwards. Train for hypertrophy instead, hypertrophy is about growth, not restriction and this change frees the woman from constant cycle of trying to eat like a super model.

Mistake 6

Overeating at night.

Sometimes females that eat like birds all day, especially if they have been working out, often finish their day with a few thousand extra calories because they are making up what their bodies didn't get during the day. The body is screaming for nutrition.

This can become a ticking time bomb for a large blow out, the body will then stock up! Nobody female or male wants to think about healthy food when they are starving, just give me food! Any food! The quickest the best, and what is the quickest? Pre prepared or fast food!


Eat substantially during the day and fuel up accordingly. Especially if you are planning some kind of training.

Mistake 7

Not Eating enough Protein

Most females have no idea they are not eating enough protein. The usual 1 gram per pound of body weight, for people training, is a good guide. But what does that number look like?


If fat loss is the goal, then even more protein that the 1gram per 1 pound of body weight would be beneficial. Why? Because protein make you feel fuller, preserves and helps build muscle and during digestion is more calorifically expensive than carbs or fat and has higher thermic effect. (Your body uses more calories digesting protein.) I am going to risk another sexist comment " woman would rather have a smaller portion of meat (protein) so they can save room for dessert." I will be having a go at men later, promise!

Protein staves off hunger!

Try to calculate protein intake. If you are struggling with body fat (who isn't?) higher protein intake could have a major impact on appetites and waistlines.

Just one Life

Mistake 8

Understanding dietary fat!

"Fat make you fat" Even though this is outdated, the 90's taught us that you can stay fat on a fat free diet, because of the spiking of insulin with 'processed carbs'. Some woman still fear butter and egg yolks (because it's saturated! Without fat and dietary cholesterol, the body will struggle to make the hormones necessary to fire up the metabolism and sex life!


But the other end of the spectrum, some women are learning that all those nuts and full fat cheese add up. Usually on the hips!

Woman naturally have a higher fat percentage than men, but it is usually on their hips and bum. Something to do with childbirth. Men on the other hand have their body fat usually around the stomach area, this is much more dangerous as all our vital organs, heart, liver kidneys etc. are in this area. Yes woman have more fat, but if men get fat it kills them quicker!


Woman ( and men) need a variety of fats, including saturated (which is still the most stable when heated) and would benefit from prioritising omega 3 fatty acids, which decreases inflammation and fat loss. Omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids should be eaten at the ratio of 1:1 or 1:2, but our modern lifestyle has the ratio up at 1:10 or in some cases up to 1:20, the higher figure always being omega 6.

Omega 3 we get mainly from fish and omega 6 from vegetable oil. We eat lots more vegetable oil than we should do, it is processed and cheap to make in abundance. In short it is helping to kill us. We need fat, but we need the right kind of fat in the right ratios.

Just one life!

Mistake 9

Eating sweets to be sweet!

A lot women get stuck eating things they don't really want because they haven't mastered the "No thanks" statement. Females can be more sensitive to the feelings of others. So to be polite they will take food they don't want. Even if they know this means it is not helping with their 'goal' The 'It's my Birthday have some cake day' is a situation we are all familiar with I'm sure.



This one is a bit more difficult, you could just say no! But it depends on the females situation and who is shoving the pastries in your face. If it is not home made you need to be assertive and stop these people dragging you down to their eating habits. A female trying to change her eating patterns for good will need to get her friends and cow workers hearing her say, "Sorry I don't eat that now". If the food being offered has been baked by someone near and dear, then you have a few options. You can say "Thank you" and set it aside for later, you can say "thank you" and indulge, or you can say "Thank you" and lie about eating it later. It's a tough call and it's your choice. However if the 'food' being offered has been bought where they also sell car fuel, there is no option really. you just have to say N0!

Just One life!

Mistake 10

Understanding carbohydrates

Low carbs or high carbs? that is the question? Well it depends....

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